The Perks of Virtual Events

Remember when “events” meant 400+ people crammed into a convention center? Us too. But honestly, we’re kind of loving the virtual events world. While we, like anyone, miss gathering in person, the pivot to virtual events has worked out surprisingly well—and they’re only getting better. 

Many of our virtual events have outperformed expectations. Online fundraising events are generating the same or increased revenue. Virtual networking events and conferences have surpassed target goals, especially in terms of attendance and participation. Inevitably, events have a fair share of no-shows—whether in-person or not. In-person events typically see around a 20% no-show rate. We are only seeing a 35% average no show rate for virtual events. For engagement rates on an online platform, this is pretty great, considering most events have had free registration or the ability to be viewed at a later date. 

Here are a few reasons why we’re vibing with virtual events:

  • They’re inexpensive to produce
  • They require less time (and labor) day-of
  • They’re easier for attendees to fit into their schedules
  • Qualified sales leads and data downloads that easily import into CRM

Check out some of the events and videos we have produced below.

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