Spring Clean Your Marketing

Spring is in the air!  Like many, you might be tempted to start spring cleaning this weekend. If you haven’t already purged your entire house during quarantine, taking a fresh look at overstuffed closets and jam-packed drawers is a great way to prep for summer, but also to survey what you actually need. Who else has found that item that you believed was missing, but actually just displaced in the closet during one of these seasonal cleaning sessions?  

Similar to how you audit the areas you want to clean in your house, take a high-level view and evaluate the critical areas in your existing marketing plan to determine if there are areas that need more attention than others. Start by prioritizing your company’s marketing strategy against company goals. Where is your energy being spent? SEO? press releases? Instagram and Facebook ads? Where are you seeing success? Only by looking at the various strategies holistically will you be able to identify what needs more or less attention.  You may discover you have a wonderfully functional honed-in plan, or that you’ve neglected areas completely.  Be sure to view this from a high level so you notice all of the gaps and opportunities.  Is there an area you’ve not yet explored because you lack the internal skill set within your company or organization?  This can be where MadCap steps in! 

Retention is a metric we care deeply about. We want to hit the target and be impactful to our audience and make sure we meet the needs of your audience too.  We must lean into what is and isn’t working when we talk to both clients and customers. Are they feeling like something is missing? Are their challenges being met? Is something resonating that could use extra support? Taking the time to identify strengths and weaknesses—whether it’s a survey conducted through an email marketing campaign or a third-party research company—will pay off in the long run.

How can MadCap help with your marketing clean up?  Let us help you sparkle and shine!

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