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Top Social Media Trends in 2024

Top Social Media Trends in 2024

Don’t worry.  When we say “social media trends for 2024” we don’t mean the latest dance you have to practice in your kitchen (seriously, why...
Why Marketing Trends Matter

Why Marketing Trends Matter

As a marketing and branding company, MadCap Marketing and Creative understands the tiers and trends of the marketing world.  We should.  After all, it’s our...
AI Friend or Foe

AI: Friend or Foe?

The late 70’s introduced the concept of ‘video killing the radio star’ by way of the Buggle’s hit song. The song relates to concerns about...
Get Creative!

Get Creative!

Marketing and branding has evolved over the years, and nowadays not everyone has an in-house department within their company or organization. That’s OK! In fact,...
Influencer Marketing

Micro Influencer: Macro Impact

The standard accepted definition of “trend” is a general direction in which something is developing or changing.  For fashion, this can mean fringe is back,...
Chicken or the egg

Chicken or the Egg

There’s an age-old discussion surrounding the causality of what came first: the chicken or the egg. This has become a philosophical debate because it seemingly...
Marketing Terms

Making Sense of Marketing (terms)

It is not unusual for the beginning of the year to bring on “New Year, New Me” vibes.  This year, MadCap Marketing would love for...
MadCap Muse September 2022

MadCap Loves YOU…and why customer appreciation is key

MadCap’s mission is to help shape and deliver the best voice for our clients.  While business is centered around service delivery, happy customers are the...

Turnaround is slowin’ down

The meaning of “turnaround time” can mean different things to different people based on industry, role, and situation. For marketing companies like MadCap, turnaround time...
Google logo on a tile

Google Analytics 4 Upgrade Is Here

How do you install it you ask?When you are ready to complete the Google Analytics 4 upgrade, head to the admin area and look for...

Always Seek Knowledge

Knowledge becomes power only when we use it.

Always Seek Knowledge

Knowledge becomes power only when we use it.