Why You Need A New Website in 2021

Your company or organization’s website is often the first exposure a prospect has with your brand. It is a sales person that never sleeps; a reflection of your brand in every way and can be one of the most powerful marketing tools your company can have.  

It can also be your demise if it isn’t reflective of your product. Or worse yet: non-existent.  

Changing up a website is a sign of growth. Fashion trends change.  Political trends change.  Service offerings even change.  Allowing that to be reflected on your website is a way of remaining transparent, and garnering more interest and support from potential customers who are looking for engaging and informative content.  

MadCap Marketing is declaring 2021 “The Year You Need a New Website!”  Don’t be scared.  Lean in.  It’s for the better.  

Has your company grown and evolved over the past few years? Have you added new services, products or employees? If so, most likely your website doesn’t accurately represent your company anymore. Your website should be parallel with what you are telling your clients. If it doesn’t match, then it is time for a redesign or complete overhaul.

Two important words in our world: Social Media. Your social media profiles should be prominently linked on every page of your website, either in the header, footer or using a sticky tab. Your homepage should feature a Twitter feed, and your blog and landing pages should use social sharing buttons. Your website should make social sharing easy. If your website/blog is not the hub for your social media activity, then a new website is necessary.

Also, as with many elements of design, less can be more. Not every single thing needs to exist on your website. Once a website becomes too difficult to navigate, users will abandon their search, and ultimately…your company.  

If you don’t find your website nice to look at, then neither does anyone else. You need a website that is engaging, pleasing to the eye and puts your brand’s best foot forward. Your website is the “you” that you can’t be 24/7.  Make sure it’s just right!  

Want to talk about what your website needs?  Give us a shout!

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