Why Marketing Trends Matter

As a marketing and branding company, MadCap Marketing and Creative understands the tiers and trends of the marketing world.  We should.  After all, it’s our job.  But, as a consumer or a business owner, how aware are you of the key trends in marketing that will lend success to your business or cause?  Read on and we’ll let you in on the secret!  

Creator Marketing is at the top of the list when it comes to trends we’ll be seeing throughout 2024.  Now, does “Creator Marketing” mean you can reallocate your marketing budget to something else and let the kids have access to your company’s social media account?  It doesn’t.  But there’s magic in knowing what works when done well, and what just won’t.  

If you follow business accounts, even casually, you’ve likely heard the term “Influencer Marketing”.  Plainly put, Influencer Marketing is a collaboration between popular social-media users and brands to promote brands’ products or services.  While Influencer Marketing has been present since the dawn of social media, it didn’t see a huge uptick until about 2019 and it has been steadily rising since then.  Influencer Marketing makes products and services stand out because the users/marketers present as authentic, relatable, and vulnerable, especially when they bring us, the viewers, into their homes.  It’s a smart and affordable way to market something, but it can’t be the only approach.  

2024 will bring us more Creator Marketing, which though similarly sounding, differs from Influencer Marketing.  Creator Marketing is when brands partner with content creators to drive awareness and engagement for specific campaigns or initiatives. It goes beyond simply publishing one post with the help of a creator. It focuses on the larger strategy at play, determining how creator partnerships can support a brand’s overall marketing goals.

Incorporating Creator Marketing into your social media strategy can improve the reach, grow audience engagement and help connect with new communities in an authentic way.  The strategy behind the practice is what enhances the relationship between product and consumer.

While smartphones have come a long way since the first version, an intern with a smartphone shouldn’t be responsible for replacing all existing marketing contracts.  Unlike influencers, content marketers establish a strong brand identity that allows them to seamlessly incorporate trends and branded campaigns into their content and existing platforms, rather than forcing disingenuous deals onto their audiences, which can backfire and lead to consumer exhaustion. This is because content marketing is a two-way street, where creators know how to maintain their authenticity and work with brands that share the same values, emphasizing consumer reliability and brand alignment. 

MadCap Marketing and Creative continues to produce dynamic marketing and brand identities because we place high value on the relationship component of our work.  We invest in connections, and those connections yield results.  If you’re finding yourself wondering “what’s next” for your business, reach out today!  

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