Top Social Media Trends in 2024

Don’t worry.  When we say “social media trends for 2024” we don’t mean the latest dance you have to practice in your kitchen (seriously, why are they always in the kitchen?!).  We’re looking at trends that are coming to life in 2024 from a marketing perspective.  We stay on top of that stuff because, well, we’re good at what we do! 

For starters, search engines are trending downward while social searches are surging.  Whether it is looking for a place to eat, or a cobbler to fix a well-loved pair of shoes, searchers are looking at TikTok and Instagram before Google.  While social search isn’t everything, it is important.  Optimizing your ability to be found in searches can be a great place to start increasing your reach on social platforms.  

But what does that mean exactly?  Glad you asked! 

The most basic improvement you can make is to have a presence on TikTok and Instagram.  Even if you have the best website out there (but if you believe this and it hasn’t been updated in a few years, we have another blog for you in the future), using your social channels to drive people to your website is OK, but just relying on your website to reach people is going to remain a challenge.  

Have consistency across your online marketing.  If your company is “Brown Acorn Incorporated” you have to (HAVE TO) have the same name on your other channels or people won’t know it’s you.  Ideally, your TikTok and Instagram handles would be “BrownAcornInc”, but if they need to be shortened, the next best handle could be something like “BRWNacornINC”.  Straying too far, like “MyMotherWasAnOakTreeINC” could confuse people and you could lose followers.  If this sounds too confusing and creativity isn’t your thing, it’ll be OK!  MadCap’s business is creativity.  You’re in good hands.

Another trend that has arrived and is showing no signs of going away is video.  Short form video, to be exact.  Short form videos are 5-90 seconds long, which intentionally play into the ideals of our attention spans.  Lightly edited, relatable content is attractive to users and customers because it feels like the subject is actually speaking to us.  There is a perfect marriage of relatability, authority, and trust.  They might feel awkward at first, but become second nature once you see the return they tend to bring.  

When you choose to work with MadCap Marketing, the staff at MadCap will see you through each step of the process of building out your brand in a way that is sustainable, strategic and intentional.  The systems we use and trust will create an excitement around your brand that starts from within, and lends well to attracting new followers.  Ready to partner up?