MadCap Loves YOU…and why customer appreciation is key

MadCap’s mission is to help shape and deliver the best voice for our clients.  While business is centered around service delivery, happy customers are the fuel necessary to run any successful business. We aren’t happy until our customer is happy!  This month, we wanted to focus on the importance of customer appreciation, and how you can work this into your own business model.  

Customer service is the backbone of any business.  Good customer service will often result in happy customers and a growing client base.  When you build a loyal community of customers, you set yourself up with long-term support and long-term success.

One way to build that loyal following is to show your appreciation for your customers on a regular basis. When customers can feel your gratitude, it helps them feel like their voices are being heard and like they aren’t just a number on a profit report. Gratitude can come in many forms, however, so to help you find the method that suits you best, bringing your customers into this conversation is key! 

Treat Them Like VIPs.  There is no reason why every customer can’t be a VIP.  If you have a regular newsletter, bring in your clients for a feature.  This is a great way to showcase their business to a new audience, and a way to make the customer feel valued.  

Support their events!  When MadCap employees aren’t supporting events, many of us are attending events.  Showing your face and lending support to events that are hosted by clients is a great (and fun!) way to show that you appreciate their company and believe in their cause.  Plus, if you are the type that regularly hosts a table or two at local events, invite clients to get to know one another as your guests.  Even if their companies do drastically different things, they have one very important thing in common: YOU!  

There’s no way to show someone that you appreciate them too much.  A thank you and a personal connection keeps clients engaged for the long haul.  If you’re not currently engaging in an intentional customer appreciation program, put that on the to-do list immediately!  Companies know that the cultivation of business stems directly from relationships.  Relationships are at the core of MadCap Marketing’s business model.  At MadCap Marketing we give life to dynamic marketing strategies, powerful brand identities, consistent digital tools, and memorable experiences to connect people to brands and organizations.  We succeed when you succeed, and we celebrate the journey and process alongside you.  We have the people and the talent and the strategy that it takes to grow your business and we value every interaction that we have with our clients.  If you’re a company looking for that personal and professional touch to your marketing strategy, let’s connect.  

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