Turnaround is slowin’ down

The meaning of “turnaround time” can mean different things to different people based on industry, role, and situation. For marketing companies like MadCap, turnaround time is a crucial piece of the process, and is an integral part of our service offerings. Turnaround time on projects can make or break a relationship, and the importance of transparency and honesty is key.  

Before we get too far in: What even IS Turnaround Time?

The general meaning of “turnaround time” is the duration of a process from initiation to completion. In other words, when you start a process, such as a concrete project deliverable like shipping a finished product (tangible or not), how long does it take you to complete that process? From beginning to end, this duration is “turnaround time.” For most companies or organizations, a fast or short turnaround time is considered far more desirable than longer ones.  However, sometimes a fast turnaround time can occur because of a disregard for quality in exchange for speed.  

Like most products, you will often get what you pay for.  When creativity is involved, this is no process to rush.  What can ensure a faster turnaround with anything related to the creative process is clear and concise communication on each end, from the client to the vendor.  Countless revisions not only push out the turnaround time, but they can add frustration to the mix on both sides.  

When it comes to turnaround time in goods, manufacturing delays and labor challenges continue to be the wrench in the process. In just-in-time manufacturing, which is a production model in which items are created to meet demand, not created in surplus or in advance of need. if one component is delayed or hard to come by, it can upend entire production cycles. And in the past two years, such disruptions have become the standard rather than the exception.

Global supply chains are still recovering from the whiplash caused by the city lockdowns governments imposed in 2020 to contain COVID-19. Initially, lockdowns in China shuttered factories, which stalled much of the supply side in global shipping.  The delays the American marketplace has experienced really does shine the light on the connection that businesses have to the global marketplace.  We truly do rely on each other to get what we need, and when there is a bump in one area, it affects the entire process.

In short, MadCap is one example of a business that is affected by supply-chain struggles.  The ripple effect of this global disruption is here for the long-term, and likely not discriminating.  The days of 5 day turnarounds for, well, anything are in the past. 

What we can continue to guarantee at MadCap is a personalized, professional, exciting experience that will shine the light on the strengths of your company.  Your business isn’t cookie cutter, so you should never expect your service to be. 

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