Monday, October 4th started out like any other day…

Monday, October 4th started out like any other day, but shortly provided a real time  demonstration of just how big Facebook’s influence is over the online economy. Even a small outage means losses for people who rely on Facebook services to do their work or advertise their products. But a record six-hour outage is even worse.

When a shop or store is shut down for a particular period, the shopkeeper incurs losses, and similarly, when major social media platforms were down for hours, small businesses lost potential customers. Moreover, this created an environment of insecurity for the small businesses— who are dependent on these platforms to get their content and messaging across in real time.

This outage showed many businesses that presence across multiple social media platforms is the need of the hour, and importantly, the challenges that reared their heads during this time pointed back to one essentially business need: a good and reliable website.  There need to be contingency plans to mitigate the losses that occur due to such situations. Brands and content creators must not just focus on one platform, but be active across all platforms and businesses that rely on customers and the ability to communicate openly must have another way to interface outside of social media platforms. This not only helps in grabbing a larger audience but also helps in informing their followers and customers about the further plan in such situations.

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