Get Creative!

Marketing and branding has evolved over the years, and nowadays not everyone has an in-house department within their company or organization. That’s OK! In fact, working with an independent firm might help you, because it allows an outside perspective and experience, similar to the customers you might be trying to reach.

Marketing plays in a totally different sandbox these days than the days when everything was done in house. Conversations between customers and companies are happening in real-time, and across multiple platforms regardless of whether the customer and the company are in the same hemisphere. Technology makes it easier to bridge industries and establish relationships with constituents everywhere. The key components to succeeding in this approach are communication and effective relationships. That’s hard to do when most of it is digital.

When considering MadCap Marketing and Creative as a firm, we have a few guiding principles. This could apply to any firm, so if you’re in the market for creative services this year, read on! Successful relationships are a partnership, and both take some time to blossom. Agencies require time from you and your staff, commitment to see projects through, and a reasonable budget to accomplish what you’re hoping to do. The on-boarding process is usually the hardest part, but once done both sides are so happy they did it and the company gets back precious time while their marketing flourishes.

It’s not realistic that any single agency has every expert on staff. Most often, to best utilize their talent bank, nearly every agency, no matter how large, relies on a go-to bench of freelancers. Instead of focusing on who’s doing the work you need done, it’s more important to focus on receiving quality work that performs well and hits the target you’ve set together. The worst thing to do with a team of creative people is to retain them and then tell them what to do and how to do it. Setting goals and objectives together is crucial, but stepping aside to let the magic come to life will result in the best outcome.

The team at MadCap is a naturally creative, community-minded bunch of professionals. We invest in our community because we LOVE our community. The relationships we build are genuine and founded on our interest in truly making connections that bring out the best in everyone involved. Our creative energy comes from knowing you, knowing your company, and packaging a collection of feelings, emotions, and visual experiences for your intended user. We’re great at what we do. When you partner with us, you become part of our family, and family will always give it to you straight.

We are so grateful to be a part of a company that lets creativity thrive. If your brand needs a little more sparkle, get in touch with us!

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