Percival Condominium

A holistic approach.

Percival Landing is a major development project by the Rants Group, a valued client of ours. Percival Condominiums, however, is like a client all its own. Located in downtown Olympia, Percival Condominiums will offer a modern, upscale aesthetic to fit every lifestyle. Scenes of the Puget Sound, snow-crested mountains, green treetops, and sunsets over an expansive horizon will be on display in every unit.

Plus, its perfect location in the city’s urban downtown places residents just a short walk from fine cuisine and entertainment.

Projects and ServicesRendered

Logo and Brand
Website Design
Marketing Materials
Social Campaign

Strategic Planning
Print and Digital
Content Creation


The Challenge

The first of its kind, the condos have no direct competitors. This may seem like it makes our job easier, but it also means we have to not only market the project to the target audience, but we also need to educate the target audience about the opportunity and benefits of owning a luxury condo in this location.

The Process

MadCap had the opportunity to get in on the marketing ground floor of this exciting condo project—no pun intended. Our role was to help with the name, brand development, create marketing, design collateral, write articles, and so more.

We have had the privilege to work with The Rants Group prior to taking on the Percival Condominiums project. Our relationship with the team allowed us to collaborate well right from the start. There was a great amount of trust from their team, which allowed us to move beyond traditional marketing tactics and try a new marketing media mix including a healthy amount of digital mediums and Geo-targeting.

For the education portion of the strategic plan, we continue to rely heavily on paid and organic editorial opportunities to educate the Olympia area about the high-end features of the condominiums and the benefits of bringing such a project to the downtown.


The Logo and Brand Development

MAD_Percival_Case Studies

A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form, and it conveys the company’s message. This simplistic logo, visually connect you sets you to the Percival experience and where you will live, on the water.


To date, a landing page to view floor plans and a video is included. Strategy and plans are in the works to create a full website in early 2019.


The Outcome

The collaboration is ongoing, and the future of our partnership is exciting. We’ve created a logo and branding elements that are clean, strong, and industry-appropriate.