Jacobson Engineers Consulting

A new adventure.

Alan Jacobson is an engineering expert—to say the least. After decades at a leading Seattle civil engineering company, Alan ventured out to form his own firm. Alan had all the technical knowledge, people skills, and leadership qualities to excel. The one thing he was missing? The marketing know-how.

With starting a new business from scratch, Alan reached out to us and we’re so glad he did, because not only has it been an amazing experience for us (FYI: civil engineering is really cool), it has also allowed his new business to be set up for success from the start.

Projects and ServicesRendered

Logo and Brand
Website Design
Marketing Materials
Content Creation

Business Suite
Social Media

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The Challenge

Marketing and engineering are quite different. Our challenge was to learn how to create content and marketing collateral that would speak to the engineering expertise and services that Jacobson provides, which are, understandably, quite technical in nature. At the other end of the spectrum, these materials and content had to appeal to individuals who may not know the technical or industry jargon.

The Process

In the beginning, we conducted research on the industry. What does it look like? Who are the players? What are the opportunities and challenges? We then crafted a branding and marketing strategy that would make sense based on the findings and Jacobson’s goals. It was and continues to be, a delicate balance of finding out what works in the industry while being just different enough to attract clients. We had to find the right balance between the conventional and the creative.

The partnership and process has been incredibly collaborative, with both parties relying on one another for expertise. We’ve relied on Alan Jacobson to help us create meaningful, moderately technical content that encourages potential clients to work with his firm, and he has relied on our marketing expertise to create appealing branding elements and content that reaches those potential clients in the first place.


The Logo and Brand Development


In collaboration, we came to a solution for the identity mark that shows, strength, stability and balance. The icon is bold and weighted to bring stucture and poise.


The brand is accompanied by a stunning website filled with custom photography and relevant, dynamic content to help Jacobson attract potential clients.


We carried those same attributes through to the print materials. Not only in digital but in print, its important to show consistency in all media across all platforms.

The Outcome

The collaboration is ongoing, and the future of our partnership is exciting. We’ve created a logo and branding elements that are clean, strong, and industry-appropriate.