Why Successful Brands Must Be Good Storytellers

Every business offers a product or service—that’s a given. In the midst of the constant borage of “buy this”, “you need this”, and “look what this product can do”, customers are looking for authenticity and humanity. It’s crucial that companies focus just as much on the brand’s story as its features and benefits. Here’s why:

Stories stand out.

Stories stand out because companies simply aren’t telling them (or telling them well). Companies often become so focused on shouting their features and benefits from the rooftop, they forget that their competitors are often doing the same thing—with the same messaging. A story—about your company’s origins, its purpose, its customers, or your team—can be the difference between a customer selecting your business or your competitor’s.

Stories create a human connection.

Whether you operate from a brick and mortar location or are online only, your company needs to build a connection through human connections. Your tribe, once they know your story and what your company is all about, will market for you. They’ll tell their friends, share their experiences on social media, and become brand ambassadors. Your story should be featured:

  • On your website
  • In your advertising
  • Throughout your social media channels and aesthetic
  • Verbally by you and your employees

Stories are profitable.

A story that is focused on fulfilling your brand’s mission—especially if it is to better your community, or yes, the world—is profitable. Customers gravitate toward companies that not only feel more human, but practice what they preach. Setting a human-focused mission, fulfilling it, and telling that story well is what separates ho-hum companies from the great (and profitable) ones.

Not sure what story to tell or how to tell it? Let MadCap Marketing help. We are experts in helping brands craft the right story to captivate their target audience. In fact, it’s what we do each and every day.