Thor Escobarson

Chief Barketing Officer

Looking for a multiskilled Barketing expert? Then look no further! Thor Escobarson can do it all! When you need someone to sniff out a bad situation, add a little woof to your daily routine, or be told when its playtime, Thor can do all that and more.

Formerly attending a prestigious obedience school studying mechanical engineering, he discovered his potential in Barketing one day when he saw the mailman approach his house from the second story window. He let out a few loud barks and the rest is history. Thor then proceeded to drop out of obedience school to start and finish his Barketing education online. After finishing his degree, he then decided to work on his fetching and napping abilities in order to broaden his skill set. After some time, he was hired by MadCap as the new Chief Barketing Officer.

Thor keeps us all at MadCap Marketing (in particular our Web Developer) on task by handling the small things such as reminding us when its time to eat or alert us when there is someone at the door. He is dedicated, driven, innovative, and results-oriented, especially when it comes to getting belly rubs whenever he wants.

While not at work, Thor pretty much does the same thing as if he was. He does use some time outside of work to further his research in discovering the answer to “Who's a good boy?” and why he sometimes can’t find the ball when it is thrown.