Kari portrait

Kari Hilderbrand

Partner + Creative Director

Every strong marketing firm needs a creative expert at the helm. For MadCap Marketing, that’s Kari Hilderbrand. As Partner and Creative Director, Kari guides the creative team to create and deliver a strategic vision for each of our clients’ brands.

Whether it’s a logo refresh, a daring new ad campaign, or a complete overhaul of a brand’s look and feel, Kari will lead the charge. Don’t be surprised if you see designs from her team that push the envelope. That’s the awesome thing about creatives like Kari—nothing’s off the table.

Any client who works with MadCap for branding services should know that they are receiving creative design and materials from one of the area’s leading professionals. Kari has diverse experience across multiple industries and agencies. She’s bound only by the limit of her team’s collective imagination and our clients’ willingness to take risks and see what could be.

Kari is a mother to two amazing boys that keep her life interesting… and keep her on her toes. When she’s not working, you might find Kari—a self-proclaimed beer snob—at a local watering hole sampling the taps.

Also, keep an eye on the New York Times Best Seller’s list for Kari’s future book. Book topic, title, and publish date TBD—but she knows she will definitely write one someday!