Escobar (JM)

Web Developer + UX + IT

Escobar is MadCap Marketing’s go-to, can’t-live-without Web Developer. It’s his job to make sure the functionality of our clients’ websites is just as awesome as the look and feel. And while he makes it look simple, building an easy-to-navigate, solutions-focused website takes a large amount of skill, patience, and intuition. Lucky for MadCap, Escobar has all three of these qualities!

Another key role of Escobar’s is providing our clients with I.T. support. This includes troubleshooting complicated issues and solving web-based mysteries—yes, he’s a modern-day web detective. This sleuthing also happens to be his favorite part of working at MadCap Marketing!

Escobar boasts an interesting professional journey. He’s been a foster care Case Manager, bartender, cook, product photographer, tech entrepreneur, and freelance web developer and I.T. Analyst. This varied experience allows him to successfully work and collaborate with clients in various industries, while providing our team with new and unique perspectives.

In addition to being a web wizard, Escobar is a biker, amateur street photographer, ukulele, acoustic, and electric guitar player, and gamer. He truly is a jack-of-all-trades!