Elise Anderson Portrait

Elise Anderson

Social Media Manager

Elise is often referred to as the “Jack of all trades” (yes, yes, it’s cliche) especially when it comes to mediums of communication. Her specialties include photography, writing, graphic design, videography, social media management, content creation, and marketing strategy (to name a few). When it comes to her work, it’s all about creative and innovative thinking. New approaches bring new, effective results. Elise’s dream is to contribute to your success and happiness.

Similar to other members of the team, Elise is also a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University. While there, she studied Communication emphasizing in Public Relations and Advertising, as well as a secondary focus in Hispanic Studies. Her extensive involvement on and around campus helped launch even greater goals after graduation.

One of Elise’s greatest passions is traveling and understanding multicultural perspectives, and even more so being able to capture those from the point of view of a camera. She aims to give it her all in everything she does, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem. These ambitions brought results such as; interning at Walt Disney World trying to promote sustainable living practices, living in Spain deepening language, photography, and writing skills, and even producing an Emmy-nominated documentary in the Philippines focused on human sex trafficking.

Understanding and empathy are key elements to effective communication. While she demonstrates fervent passion for advocating social progress and equality, Elise’s true joy comes from helping others. In her words, “Nothing is more powerful than a genuine smile.”