SEO: What it is, Why it Matters

In a world where communication is lightning fast and the Internet reigns supreme, businesses must stay one step ahead of competitors by reaching their audience in a variety of ways. Thinking outside the box, embracing creativity, and harnessing the power of the web have never been as important as they are today. One method that has become invaluable to tech-savvy businesses is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—the process of intentionally crafting website content so the site appears high on the list of search engine results.


Today‚Äôs customers live in a paradox. Their leisure time is shrinking but their options for goods and services are growing with every passing day. With an endless menu of websites and opportunities at their fingertips, consumers often make decisions based on what is easiest to understand and fastest to find. Sometimes this results in simply choosing what appears first on a search engine list. SEO acknowledges this truth and gives businesses a higher probability of being the first thing customers see on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.


Search engines are constantly combing the depths of the Internet, adding content to their databases and pulling from the most prominent and visible sites on the web. However, while search engines are intelligent and intuitive, they aren’t perfect. Therefore, the first step of SEO is working with a partner who knows how these databases operate and use particular formulas to populate positive search results. This partner must also know how to create website code (HTML) that overcomes search engine indexing obstacles and use keywords relevant to the website’s content and desired audience.


Schramm Marketing can be this partner for you.


Schramm Marketing offers a thorough knowledge of search engine functionality and can make your websites stand out by intentionally crafting their code on the backend. Throughout the entire process, Schramm Marketing will be there to help you employ SEO as a marketing strategy with the ultimate goal of driving traffic to your business’ online presence.


By partnering with Schramm Marketing and utilizing SEO to generate visibility and revenue, you will surpass your competition by leaps and bounds. This won’t just make your website the one customers default to first on a search engine—it will make your website the one they want to see first.

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