What Are Your New Year’s Marketing Resolutions?

This time of year, we vow to hit the gym. Eat better. Spend more time with our families. These are great personal goals. But have you thought about setting resolutions for your company’s marketing game as well? If not, don’t worry. We’ve thought of a few resolutions to help you connect with your customers, build loyalty, and ultimately, increase sales.


Offer more promotions and sales.

It’s no secret that customers not only want great deals—they demand them. Set your promotions based on the products and services you need to get out the door, the principles of your strategic plan, and your target audiences. Make your promotions enticing, yet profitable, to drive traffic to your establishment, website, or social media outlets.


Revisit your branding and messaging to ensure consistency across all channels.

Has it been a while since you’ve taken a look at all your marketing materials? Are you representing your company clearly across all mediums? Whether it’s your advertising, social media, or website, your company should have a distinct look, voice, and message. This increases recognition and inspires confidence for both current and potential customers. Take the time to review all marketing materials from the past year. If it doesn’t jive together, it’s time to make a change. Schramm Marketing can help you identify what not’s working and set a new direction.


Make your marketing efforts easily shareable.

Sharing is caring. In fact, the top influencer for purchasing decision is word of mouth—a whopping 74 percent. Social media is the most obvious way to create shareable content and marketing. Great posts, questions to the audience, and fun quizzes are content worth passing along. Encourage visitors to post on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter. The goal is to transform them from customers into fans.


Put your customer service where your mouth is.

Ideally, your new and improved marketing efforts will send customers your way. Are you prepared for the increase in traffic? Solidifying your customer service infrastructure now will help support the additional patronage and provide a positive customer experience. Make sure your team is in the know and ready to provide great service.

You don’t have to set and meet your New Year’s resolutions on your own. Schramm Marketing can help you evaluate your current marketing and business strategies to craft a marketing plan that will take you into 2017 and beyond.

Let’s get started.


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