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Spring Clean Your Marketing

March 12, 2021

Spring is in the air!  Like many, you might be tempted to start spring cleaning this weekend. If you haven’t already purged your entire house during quarantine, taking a fresh look at overstuffed closets and jam-packed drawers is a great way to prep for summer, but also to survey what you actually need. Who else…

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Staying Top-of-Mind During Challenging Times

April 10, 2020

While we’re not at recession levels yet – and hopefully won’t make it there – we are all undoubtedly feeling the economic impact of the current public health crisis. For those that own or manage a business, you may have begun to cut back in various areas, including in your marketing. But did you know…

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Like, Comment, Share: Our Social Media Best Practices

March 5, 2020

In an ever-changing digital world, it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest trends in social media. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a few tried-and-true practices to up your social media game and have your followers clicking “Like” all day long. Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent and Authentic Maintaining your brand voice helps boost…

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The Heart of Marketing: Show Your Customers Some Love

February 10, 2020

The month of love is upon us again. While we tend to focus on that one special someone in this season of gushy love notes, bright red roses, and sweet treats, it got us thinking – are we remembering to show our customers the love, too? When you regularly show your customers you care, it…

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Gift with holly

4 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Customers

November 25, 2019

The turkey is in the shopping cart, the stuffing ingredients are on the counter, and the in-laws are on their way. That can only mean one thing—Thanksgiving is almost here. While this season of gratitude is largely focused on family and friends, don’t forget to thank your customers. After all, they allow you to successfully…

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New Marketing Tactics Don’t Have to Be Scary

October 30, 2019

It’s the season of ghouls, goblins, and all things spooky. But that doesn’t mean you should let this creepiness creep into your marketing game. The idea of trying new marketing tactics—particularly ones that have a price tag attached—can be daunting (or in October, haunting). But with an expert like MadCap by your side, there’s perhaps…

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3 Reasons to Start Your 2020 Marketing Strategy Sessions Now

August 12, 2019

Summer means sun, vacations, and relaxation. And while it may seem like a convenient time to put your marketing on autopilot (because everything else is, right?), we believe now is the best time to kick marketing strategy sessions with MadCap into full gear. Why? Read on. Get ahead of the curve. As one of the…

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Why Successful Brands Must Be Good Storytellers

July 18, 2019

Every business offers a product or service—that’s a given. In the midst of the constant borage of “buy this”, “you need this”, and “look what this product can do”, customers are looking for authenticity and humanity. It’s crucial that companies focus just as much on the brand’s story as its features and benefits. Here’s why:…

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Marketing, Design, Content Creation – What does it all mean?

May 7, 2019

If you’ve spent any length of time with us, you’ve heard us use words like marketing, design, content creation, voice, and tone. (What do you expect? We’re a marketing firm!) But what do these words mean and how do they actually fit together? We’re here to break it all down. Marketing Okay, this is the…

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3 Steps to Spring-Clean Your Marketing Game

April 8, 2019

Spring is upon us. It’s time to whip out the cleaning supplies and storage bins and get serious about getting the clutter out of our homes and lives. If you’re feeling motivated to tidy up, don’t stop at your basement or extra bedroom—consider cleaning up your marketing efforts, too. Here how to make it happen:…

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