4 Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Customers

The turkey is in the shopping cart, the stuffing ingredients are on the counter, and the in-laws are on their way. That can only mean one thing—Thanksgiving is almost here. While this season of gratitude is largely focused on family and friends, don’t forget to thank your customers. After all, they allow you to successfully operate your business!

There are many ways to thank and acknowledge your customers, but be sure to select one that aligns with your brand personality and budget. We’ve rounded up a few ideas to help you get started. When done right, even a small gesture of thanks can encourage continued business in the new year. 

Send a gift or treat.

Who doesn’t love to get mail? There is something about getting a mystery box in the mail that makes us feel like a kid again. A box of craft coffee is always appreciated during the business of the season. (Hello, caffeine!) Or opt for a tin of specialty cookies for the office to share. (‘Tis the season for sugar.) 

Think back to conversations you’ve had with your customer. Do they love golf? Are they a Seahawks fan? Personalizing your gift makes the recipient feel even more valued.

Send a handwritten note.

This is the most budget-friendly option, but is no less meaningful. Taking the time to write a handwritten thank you or holiday note speaks volumes.

Discount their next bill.

On your customers’ next bill or invoice, consider applying a small discount to thank them for their loyalty! Be sure to call out the discount and thank them for their continued patronage.

Establish a loyalty program.

Consider instituting a loyalty program in the new year, and use the excitement of the holiday season to announce it. Give your most loyal (or “VIP”) customers a leg-up with bonus points or an introductory promotion. Your program can be as simple as an annual discount on their anniversary.

Happy Thanksgiving from MadCap Marketing!

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