3 Steps to Spring-Clean Your Marketing Game

Spring is upon us. It’s time to whip out the cleaning supplies and storage bins and get serious about getting the clutter out of our homes and lives. If you’re feeling motivated to tidy up, don’t stop at your basement or extra bedroom—consider cleaning up your marketing efforts, too.

Here how to make it happen:

1. Assess your tactics.

Compile and record all your marketing efforts over the past year. (If you don’t have a CRM or other sales-focused software, we recommend using Excel as your recording software.) Think hard—you’ve probably done more than you think. This includes all print or digital advertising, social media, email campaigns, PR, events, and more. Marketing includes any effort—paid or unpaid—that aims to get new business or cultivate current business.

Having your marketing tactics listed together will help you spot possible holes and seize untapped opportunities.

2. Assess your ROI.

Next, list out the cost of each of your marketing efforts and, if possible, the return on those costs. Use analytics when you can, and estimate as closely as possible on less trackable tactics.

Hot tip: contact MadCap for assistance on this! We are results-driven (AKA data nerds) and would love to help you discover how your marketing efforts are paying off.

3. Adjust as needed.

Not all marketing avenues work for all businesses—and that’s the way it should be! A marketing plan should be tailored to your business, budget, and target market. If you took a chance on a new marketing tactic and it just didn’t pay off, change direction. If there was a major money-maker, consider expanding those efforts. Sure, it’s important to stick to your overarching marketing plan, but being flexible and capitalizing on opportunities is key to marketing success.

Contact MadCap to help you spring-clean your marketing game. We’re ready to break out the feather duster and vacuum cleaner—metaphorically speaking, of course.

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