3 Reasons to Start Your 2020 Marketing Strategy Sessions Now

Summer means sun, vacations, and relaxation. And while it may seem like a convenient time to put your marketing on autopilot (because everything else is, right?), we believe now is the best time to kick marketing strategy sessions with MadCap into full gear. Why? Read on.

Get ahead of the curve.

As one of the area’s leading marketing firms, the second half of our year is busy. It largely revolves around strategy and planning (with a lean team) for our clients. When we’re able to start early on your marketing strategy for the following year, we make the very most of our time and talents because other clients aren’t ready to start this discussion.

Even starting a casual conversation or taking notes on your ideas and goals for next year gets you ahead of the curve!

Fall and winter get crazy.

But wait, you might say. We’re only half way through the year. This is true. But we all know how crazy the fall and winter seasons can be. We’re talking back to school mayhem, Halloween shenanigans, Thanksgiving preparation, and all things Christmas. It all goes by in a blur and before you know it, it’s January and we’re scratching our heads wondering where the time went. Get 2020 marketing planning started now so that when the holidays are over, you can ring in the New Year stress-free.

More time=more options.

This one is simple. The more time you have, the more options you have. Take advertising, for example. With our extensive media partner relationships, we can lock in 2020 deals and placements now that simply won’t be available in six months. That means more bang for your buck and more eyes on your brand. Strategizing now provides flexibility in budgeting and planning, while giving you time to reflect and change course, if needed.

Yes, it’s early to start your 2020 marketing plan. But you didn’t become successful by waiting around and letting things fall into place on their own. You took charge and made a strategy, and we’re ready to do the same—even in summer!

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