Xander Krause

Web Designer

Xander is an alumnus of the Green River College information technology program. He is a web designer who loves building websites. Whether it’s a small site to boost a companies’ web presence, a larger site for an ambitious startup, or a complete website redesign, he’s your guy. Even if you aren’t sure what you want out of your website, Xander can put something together for you that’s sure to impress.

A self-starter, Xander is always looking forward to the next project. Having a passion for web design, he understands the importance and impact that a website has on a business. At first, glance, depending on whether a website draws you in or not, a client could either stay and browse the site or look elsewhere. It’s Xander’s job to make sure those clients stay on the websites he’s built.

His favorite thing about being a web designer is the freedom to create something from nothing. Starting out with a blank slate, then typing out the code, and watching it result on the computer screen is a fascinating process. It allows him to build whatever the client wants; however, they want it.

When he’s not writing code for a website, Xander enjoys writing music. Before deciding to build websites, he nearly went into music production. In addition to being a musician, Xander is also a skateboarder, hiker, gamer, movie-watcher, and an avid reader.