Marny Bright

Account Executive + Chief Trouble Maker

Marny Bright serves the team as Account Executive. (She is also our Chief Trouble Maker, but we won’t go into that.) Her role consists of working one-on-one with clients to provide them with the strategy, support, and materials they need to thrive.

Marny’s had an interesting career progression. For the first half of her professional life she was a High Liability Escrow Officer. One day, someone asked her about joining forces to produce a new women’s professional directory. She knew she could sell it—and she did. Thus, her career in marketing and advertising was born.

Her favorite thing about MadCap Marketing is the team’s “We can do that!” attitude. At other firms she’s worked at, exotic and unique client requests were given a response of “we don’t do that.”  At MadCap, these types of requests are met with “let’s see how we can make that happen.”

Outside of work, Marny is a green thumb. In fact, she started a Saturday Morning Garden Club! Unlike other groups that meet in the middle of the week, her club is aimed at individuals who are still in the workforce but want to meet with likeminded gardeners. Another fact about Marny:  she is incredibly sentimental.

Let’s Work Together Soon!