Harrison Baker

Director of Operations

Harrison serves as Director of Operations. In short, he oversees everything. He manages all current projects to ensure they stay on track, jumps in to fill gaps, and solves problems… sometimes before they even start!

Harrison’s resume is a winding road of interesting jobs and experiences. He graduated from UW with a degree in marketing and almost immediately joined MadCap (formerly Schramm Marketing). While in college, he spent several years working for a church in Puyallup and has an unfinished seminary degree. He’s also worked in Pike Place Market, bartended at a yacht club, worked at Nordstrom, was a barista, and even had a brief stint as a model. We told you it was quite a journey!

His favorite things about working for MadCap are the strategic planning elements and the ability to flex his creative muscles. He also enjoys problem solving and coming up with a myriad of solutions for challenges, for both clients and our company.

When Harrison isn’t working, you might find him reading the dictionary or textbooks (yes, really), working on his next creative writing project, woodworking, or playing board games with friends. He especially enjoys Dungeon-Mastering Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. Sometimes he participates in D&D campaigns, but he prefers being god over mortals… if you have no idea what we’re talking about, just ask Harrison.