LaborWorks provides immediate jobs for those looking for work, and connects these employees with businesses looking for workers. They specialize in connecting workers to jobs in construction, but have expanded to event and facility services as well.

The Project

Category: Industrial/Event Staffing
Date: 2014 – present

What We Did

  • SEO & SEM: With more and more people online, our web team makes sure that LaborWorks stays at the top of major search engine results. In addition, we make sure that their digital ads are at the forefront of their target audience.
  • Social Media Management: With multiple branches spread over five different states, keeping everyone on brand can be a real challenge. We manage the content for all their various social media accounts and keep everyone on the same message.
  • Brand Refreshment: It’s easy for a brand to get stagnant and fall into a rut. To prevent this, we update their entire look and feel every year to keep them fresh!