Great marketing is a process. It takes time, thought, and teamwork.

It’s this belief that brought owners Stephanie Schramm and Kari Hilderbrand together to form MadCap Marketing. Friends and professional partners for over a decade, the two have merged their own companies and unique skill sets to create an experienced, diverse, and fast-paced team that is providing the world with fresh and unmatched marketing and creative services.

MadCapdoes this through an innovative process:


We’ll scout out your business, audience, and competition with fresh eyes. Consider us primed to comb website and social media analytics or connect with your employees and clients any way possible.

We know from experience what makes a smash in the marketplace, but also that no one knows your business better than you. We dig deep and mix up a bold strategic alchemical cocktail that quenches your business needs and fires up your fondest regulars.


Our creative team of designers, developers, writers, and strategist ensures every creation is a work of art that has our stamp of originality. Expect everything from inventive storytelling to eccentric guerilla marketing. It’s all in our wheelhouse.


Not to get too intense, but at MadCap, we believe solid measurement is the core of all client success. Show us your mountain of clicks, calls, hits, registrations, sales, donations, likes—we’ll make sense of it all. Even better, we’ll use them to inform future decisions for continual improvement.

Making you look good is crucial… but harnessing your data to inform real-time decisions? That’s what pushes you from clip art ads in the local newspaper to commercials in the Super Bowl.